IBM Cloud Product Insights

Designing a product to guide users to transition the on-premise software smartly to the cloud

Role: Software Designer and Front-end Developer

As part of IBM’s Hybrid Cloud Design team, I collaborate closely with UX Designers, Visual Designers, and User Researchers to create web application prototypes and assist in product design decisions. I use front-end languages and tools to create quick proof-of-concepts for user testing and to guide our team of production engineers.

I currently sit on the product design team for IBM Cloud Product Insights, a tool that delivers enhanced views of how IBM Software is being used across a company’s organization, helping uncover new value, reduce waste and optimize usage. Our product serves as a guiding light as current IBM customers transition their IBM on-premise software to the cloud.

Since I’ve joined, I’ve focused on creating a range of prototypes ranging from low-fidelity UX concepts to high-fidelity proof-of-concepts to showcase our end-to-end experience. I utilize tools such HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue.js, Codepen, and Sketch to create mockups.

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